Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Ben Frankenstein here.

Gonna get right to it: Twitch of the Def Nerve: The Movie

featuring music videos for songs by Monkey Farm Frankenstein:

What Apocalypse?
We Know Where You Live
Fly Beats
Audio Nasty
Just Another Victim

Before we get started, I wanna give a shout to the biggest influence on this video, Emergency Broadcast Network. EBN are Joshua Pearson and Gardner Post, two former RISD students who make music video collage with samples of politicians and pundits saying wacko shit on top of late acid-house breakbeats - I don't know what genre EBN are, but The MFF are in it with them. They provided the barrage of images that filled the video wall behind U2 on their "Zoo TV" tour - including their version of "We Will Rock You" with lead vox by G. Bush (the elder), one of their best and most well-known joints.

We always wanted to make a video movie in their style. Our first effort was the all-too-hard-to-top The MFF vs The Evil Dead (which has been viewed so close to 100,000 times on YouTube that I'm tempted to watch it a hundred times myself just so I can stop qualifying the statement). Though Twitch of the Def Nerve: The Movie might not be better, it is definitely longer and stranger. We hope you enjoy it!

- Ben Frankenstein; May 18 2009

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  1. I love the MFF vs Evil Dead and I want to see Twitch but can you post a link to the actual video so I can see it in a bigger screen?

    Also, I have been trying to find a working torrent of your stuff but they're all dead! Where can I get your music?