Saturday, June 6, 2009


I walk over a trainyard every day. I see some good graffiti, but not much that's big enough to be legible on a cell-phone photo, even with full zoom. I saw this one last week, and the light was good.

I'm not sure physical copies of music has much of a future. I only ever seem to buy vinyl anymore. In fact, you ain't nobody 'less you got vinyl, and I've never put out any. I wonder what that costs.

Until I decide to pay to press up some records, I think virtual is gonna have to be the way, though I'm moved that you want a copy. I will do my best to make a lot of music easily available for free.

Travis Kincher and I both did lists of great albums; his thoughtful choices are RIGHT HERE. He makes even the M. Ward-children's-album-about-death idea seem pretty reasonable. I don't think kids really listen to the words much. Plus - worst-case scenario - they gotta learn about it sometime, shit. Remember when Mr. Hooper died on Sesame Street? I was sad for a little while, but I've gotten over it.

Anyway, I was gonna post a piece of music, but it seems like that is not an option here! I am annoyed. I can post a video, a picture, or a link, but not a song. So I can either save a song in a video format, which is a yellow on the Apathy Alert meter, or save it in a video format, synched to a piece of a movie, which at least makes the thing seem worth doing. So I shall endeavor to take that extra step in the next day or two. [I didn't - ED]

- Ben Frankenstein